Tamadoge, a leading web3 games platform, has recently introduced an exciting new burn program aimed at boosting the scarcity and value of its native token, $TAMA. This burn program is an integral part of Tamadoge’s comprehensive strategy for reducing the circulating supply of $TAMA and further solidifying its position in the market. The team is actively pursuing new centralized exchange listings, and the burn program plays a pivotal role in this endeavor.

Tamadoge prioritizes ease of use and community involvement in its burning program. To encourage community participation, the burn schedules for the three different types of burns – Mega Burns, Community Burns, and Platform Revenue Burns – are publicly available on the recently launched Tamadoge Burn Portal. Additionally, the Burn Portal keeps a real-time record of the number of tokens burned so far. Users who are logged in can also view the amount of TAMA tokens they have burned.

Tamadoge’s burn program encompasses three distinct methods, each designed to contribute to the reduction of $TAMA’s circulating supply:

Mega Burns

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Tamadoge will organize special promotional events aimed at burning a significant number of $TAMA tokens. These events will play a crucial role in creating scarcity and increasing the token’s value.

Community Burns

To actively involve the community, Tamadoge has introduced a unique feature in which the platform matches every $TAMA token burned by the community with an equivalent amount of $TAMA. This collaboration will continue until November 5, 2023, and is limited to a maximum of 5 million $TAMA. By incentivizing community participation, Tamadoge ensures that the burn program aligns with its overarching strategy to boost the token’s scarcity.

Platform Revenue Burns

Tamadoge has taken a distinctive approach by directing all revenue generated from its platform sales towards the conversion of funds into $TAMA tokens, which are subsequently burned. This method ensures that the platform’s revenue actively contributes to the reduction of $TAMA’s circulating supply.

Getting started with the burn program is both simple and user-friendly. Users can connect their wallets to view their $TAMA balances and select the desired amount of tokens they wish to burn. By clicking the “burn” button, users can then initiate and complete the transaction. However, it is important to note that users are responsible for paying the Ethereum gas fees associated with these transactions. To optimize the process, it is advisable to initiate burns during periods of decreased network congestion.

Compatible Wallets

For desktop users employing MetaMask, the transaction will be facilitated through the Chrome browser extension. On the other hand, users connected with a Tamadoge Wallet (Web3Auth) can complete the transaction using the Tamadoge and Web3Auth user interface flow. However, it is important to highlight that users still need to pay the ETH gas fee, regardless of the wallet they utilize.

Tamadoge’s Burn Portal provides the community with essential data points to stay informed and engaged. This includes the total number of TAMA tokens burned, the total number burned by the community, and the number burned by individual users (if connected). By offering these detailed insights, Tamadoge ensures an engaging and transparent experience for community members looking to actively participate in the growth of the ecosystem.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the burn program, Tamadoge CEO Jon Bishop stated, “We’re always looking for ways to bring coin growth and value to the Tamadoge Army.” He acknowledges that the community’s consistent demand for an increased burning strategy has been successfully addressed by the team. Bishop is proud of the exceptional product the team has developed to facilitate the burning process within the Tamadoge ecosystem.

Tamadoge continues to introduce new features and initiatives to enhance user experience and drive ecosystem growth. Recently, the platform unveiled its staking feature, which has already garnered significant attention from users. To date, approximately 39.7 million $TAMA tokens have been staked, with rewards of 3 TAMA per ETH block. A staking pool comprising two million $TAMA tokens has been allocated for distributing rewards, with 500,000 $TAMA per month (equivalent to approximately 216,000 block confirmations) for four months. The APY is variable, and stakers’ earnings are determined based on their percentage of the staking pool and the current APY, currently standing at 5.1%.

Moreover, Tamadoge has just unveiled a brand new roadmap, promising mystery projects and giveaways in the near future. This development complements the platform’s ongoing efforts to acquire more gaming users while simultaneously building brand awareness. The Tamadoge ecosystem has already launched six games on two apps – Tamadoge Arcade and Tamadoge Arena. These games have received positive feedback from the community and are available on both web and mobile platforms. Tamadoge Arena is exclusively available on mobile.

The mobile games market is projected to exceed 2.32 billion users by 2027, as reported by Statista. With its focus on the mainstream casual gamer and the $TAMA token, Tamadoge is poised for remarkable growth in the coming months and years. Currently listed on 12 crypto trading venues, including renowned centralized exchanges like OKX and Bybit, Tamadoge is well-positioned to capitalize on the expanding market and solidify its position as a leading player in the web3 gaming space.

Purchase $TAMA tokens and become part of the growing Tamadoge Army.


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