The world of Web 3 platforms has seen a staggering increase in vulnerabilities and financial losses this year. According to a report released by Immunefi, a web3 bug bounty platform, over $1.2 billion has been lost in hacks and rug pulls so far in 2021. This article examines the key findings of the report and delves into the magnitude of the issue.

Among the various months analyzed, August emerged as particularly harrowing, accounting for $23.4 million in losses. The newly launched Ethereum Layer 2 Base network was significantly impacted during this period, with vulnerabilities identified in four distinct projects. It is worth noting that this network, which was incubated by Coinbase, had just been unveiled on August 9th.

The report reveals that Ethereum faced the highest number of attacks, with five distinct incidents affecting protocols built on the network. BNB Chain and Base followed closely with four incidents each. Exploitations were identified in projects such as LeetSwap, SwirlLend, Magnate Finance, and RocketSwap. Together, these three chains accounted for a substantial 62% of all losses in the month of August.

Hacks emerged as the primary cause of financial setbacks, overshadowing fraud. In August alone, hacks were responsible for a staggering $15.8 million in losses, constituting a significant 67.7% of the total monthly sum. Notably, the infamous Magnate Finance rug pull accounted for over $6.5 million in lost funds. Balancer Protocol also fell victim to an exploitation, resulting in nearly $900,000 in losses. Fraud, on the other hand, accounted for $7.6 million, making up the remaining 32.3% of the losses.

The report points out that decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms were the primary targets for exploits in August. On the other hand, centralized platforms managed to evade major incidents during this period. This raises concerns about the security measures and protocols in place within the DeFi ecosystem, as it continues to attract both investors and hackers alike.

Despite the gloomy state of affairs, Immunefi has played a crucial role in mitigating potential losses. The bug bounty platform has dispersed over $80 million in bounties, contributing to the prevention of over $25 billion in potential user fund losses across various protocols. Some of the platforms that have benefited from Immunefi’s active involvement include Chainlink, The Graph, Synthetix, and MakerDAO. While these efforts are commendable, they highlight the severity and scale of the problem at hand.

The rising number of vulnerabilities and financial losses experienced by Web 3 platforms in 2021 is deeply concerning. The report by Immunefi sheds light on the alarming magnitude of the issue, with over $1.2 billion lost in hacks and rug pulls. The dominance of hacks as the leading cause of financial setbacks raises questions about the security measures employed within the industry. As the Web 3 ecosystem continues to evolve and attract more users, it is imperative that robust security protocols are put in place to safeguard both funds and investor confidence.


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