The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a trend where many new projects are focusing on environmental or social causes. Chimpzee is one such project that seeks to address critical issues like wildlife conservation and climate change while simultaneously offering users a chance to earn passive income.

Chimpzee provides a range of powerful features, including Shop-to-Earn, Trade-to-Earn, and Play-to-Earn. These functions enable users to earn incentives while also contributing to the project’s goals. The project has dedicated 10% of the token supply and a portion of profits to organizations committed to environmental and social causes.

Chimpzee’s Ecosystem

Chimpzee’s ecosystem is designed around the CHMPZ token, which serves as the foundation for all features and rewards within the platform. Users can use the token for various transactions within the ecosystem and will receive rewards in this token.

Chimpzee’s platform boasts several features that will attract crypto enthusiasts, with its Chimpzee shop, NFT marketplace, and Zero Tolerance Game being the most noteworthy among them. Unlike an ordinary online marketplace, the Chimpzee shop serves as a central commercial center that offers various Chimpzee branded goods. Meanwhile, the NFT marketplace is the first in the world that allows users to earn passive income from sharing a percentage of the trading fees generated by the platform.

Chimpzee’s Environmental Efforts

Chimpzee is actively engaged in environmental efforts, as demonstrated by reaching their goal to plant over 1000 trees. The project’s new raise goal is to help the Wild Foundation protect the last herds of desert adapted Elephants. Chimpzee is partnering with the Wild Foundation to execute this effort, and they are already nearing the halfway mark of their goal.

Chimpzee’s Presale

Currently, the project is conducting its presale, with the first stage offering the token at a starting price of $0.0005. The price will increase to the next price of  $0.00055 shortly. Additionally, people that buy in Stage 1 only will have the opportunity to purchase the Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport in an exclusive whitelist event before it launches to the public.

Chimpzee has the potential to transform people’s outlook on participating in crypto ecosystems by implementing initiatives that demonstrate how crypto can be used to benefit all living creatures, not just for financial gain. It is making a substantial impact on the crypto market and will lead the way for socially-conscious projects. As such, interested parties should explore the presale and learn more about the new campaign to save the Elephants.


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