The past week has been characterized by caution among Bitcoin traders, as the price action has remained relatively quiet. This sense of caution has not only impacted the price but has also led to a significant decline in trading volumes across major crypto exchanges. Both spot Bitcoin trading and Bitcoin derivatives have witnessed a substantial decrease in trading volume since the beginning of the year.

On-chain data from CryptoQuant charts reveals a steady decline in daily spot and derivatives trading volume of Bitcoin. The decline in trading volumes can be traced back to the first quarter of the year. In particular, the derivatives or futures market has experienced a staggering 96% decrease, while the spot market has fallen by 98%. These figures clearly indicate a decline in interest and participation in Bitcoin trading.

Recent data from CoinMarketCap depicts a significant decrease in Bitcoin spot trading volume within a 24-hour timeframe. The volume has dropped by 33.67%, signaling a lack of trading activity. Moreover, the spot exchange trade volume, as shown by CryptoQuant data, has seen a drastic decline from 50,692 to 9,627, which represents an 81% decrease since the beginning of the week. This decline in spot trading volume is a cause for concern in the Bitcoin market.

The decrease in trading volumes also extends to the derivatives market. On-chain data collected by CryptoQuant indicates a current volume of 108,852, which reflects an 88% decrease from its initial volume of 950,331 at the beginning of the week. The dwindling interest in both spot and derivatives trading signifies a lack of enthusiasm among institutional traders and retail investors.

The collapse in trading volumes has raised concerns about the future price of Bitcoin. With diminishing interest and participation, the next few weeks are crucial in determining the cryptocurrency’s near-term direction. As the largest cryptocurrency globally, Bitcoin’s price trajectory often sets the tone for the wider crypto market. Currently trading at $26,556, the lack of trading activity may lead to continued sideways movement or potential downward pressure.

While the decline in trading volumes is worrisome, it may present an opportunity for investors. With lower prices, some may see a chance to enter the market and capitalize on potential price recovery. Crypto analyst Captain Faibik suggests that Bitcoin could reach as low as $23,000 by October before experiencing a breakout and reaching $34,500 by early next year. Founder and CEO of Bitcoin joint mining business Xive, Didar Bekbauov, also believes that Bitcoin has the potential to surpass the year-to-date price of $31,700.

The decline in Bitcoin trading volumes raises concerns about the future of the cryptocurrency market. The lack of interest from institutional traders and retail investors could have a significant impact on Bitcoin’s price trajectory in the coming weeks. While the current outlook appears uncertain, the lower prices may present an opportunity for those looking to enter the market. Time will tell whether Bitcoin can regain its momentum and attract renewed interest from traders and investors alike. As with any investment, it is essential to approach Bitcoin trading with caution and carefully consider the risks involved.


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