A recent report by The New York Times has revealed that US Republican Congressman George Santos attempted to set up a cryptocurrency-related investment deal with a donor during his campaign for Congress in 2020. The scheme, however, did not succeed, and Santos’ questionable past makes this revelation even more significant.

The Crypto Investment Scheme

During his first Congressional election campaign, Santos and three of his associates approached a loyal Republican donor with a crypto investment proposition. They claimed that a wealthy Polish investor was interested in purchasing cryptocurrency but faced issues due to a frozen bank account. In order to overcome this hurdle, Santos asked the donor to establish an LLC (limited liability company), which he claimed would help the investor regain access to his funds.

The donor, however, found the entire plan reminiscent of a common email scam known as the “Nigerian prince” scam and expressed his skepticism. He further revealed that the deal did not progress when he requested revisions to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) he was asked to sign.

George Santos has a notorious history of questionable actions and has been caught lying and fabricating stories about himself on multiple occasions. Shortly after his election, media outlets reported discrepancies in his self-published biography, including false claims about his education, family background, and financial situation.

Furthermore, Santos has been charged with 13 felonies, including misrepresenting earnings, fraudulently collecting unemployment benefits, and diverting funds from political donors for personal expenses. Despite these charges, Santos has pleaded not guilty.

Despite his controversial background, Santos successfully secured a seat in Congress during the 2022 elections and has been serving as a member of the House of Representatives since January 2023.

The recent revelation about Congressman George Santos’ involvement in a crypto investment scheme during his election campaign raises concerns about his ethics and integrity. The failed attempt to establish the deal, coupled with Santos’ questionable past and pending legal charges, highlight the need for transparency and accountability within the political sphere.


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