Ran Neuner, the CEO of Onchain Capital and founder of Crypto Banter, has voiced his concerns about the structure of XRP and Ripple. While he appreciates Ripple’s defiance against the SEC, he is troubled by the moral and ethical implications associated with the cryptocurrency. Neuner argues that Ripple is giving an unfair deal to those holding XRP. He highlights that Ripple is essentially a centralized company that sells tokens to fund its operations for the benefit of shareholders, rather than the tokenholders. “I have an issue with that – morally and ethically,” Neuner expresses. This raises questions about the priorities and intentions of Ripple, as well as the impact it may have on the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Neuner’s outspoken nature has earned him a significant following on Twitter, amassing over 720,200 followers. However, he remains indifferent to his follower count, emphasizing that he uses Twitter as a platform to express his thoughts uncensored and unfiltered. As the CEO of Onchain Capital and co-host of the daily live broadcast on Crypto Banter’s YouTube channel, Neuner has established himself as a prominent figure in the crypto community. Remarkably, he manages to balance these responsibilities with hosting a two-hour live Twitter Space session each day, all while being a father to four young children. Neuner’s dedication to sharing his insights and opinions with the community has solidified his presence in the crypto space.

Neuner’s involvement in the world of broadcasting has not gone unnoticed by his children, who have inadvertently gained chart reading skills. Neuner shares a lighthearted anecdote about waking up one day to a sea of green in the market, and his son pointing out the significance of the green bubbles. This amusing anecdote showcases the impact that Neuner’s work has had on his family and highlights the permeation of crypto knowledge into unexpected aspects of life. It also serves as a testament to Neuner’s commitment to educating and involving others in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Neuner’s Twitter account initially emerged when he hosted the first televised crypto show on CNBC, requiring him to establish a social media presence. Despite not having a formal growth strategy, Neuner has observed a consistent influx of followers due to his live broadcasts on YouTube and regular sessions on Twitter Spaces. He views Twitter as a platform to test opinions and rally people in the community around shared causes. Neuner readily engages in discourse and willingly challenges the status quo. However, he openly expresses disdain for anonymous sleuth FatMan Terra, who spreads misinformation and creates negative narratives about people in the crypto community. Neuner suggests that such behavior is detrimental, causing unwarranted threats and harm.

Neuner’s relationship with crypto scam investigator ZachXBT has been tumultuous, with accusations of pumping and dumping on Neuner’s followers. Despite their conflicts, Neuner acknowledges the value of ZachXBT’s service to the crypto community. He commends ZachXBT for admitting his mistakes after a mediation process revealed the inaccuracies in his claims. This willingness to recognize and rectify errors highlights Neuner’s commitment to promoting integrity and transparency within the crypto space.

Neuner advocates for diversifying one’s Twitter feed by following people with differing opinions. He believes that surrounding oneself with dissenting voices provides a valuable learning experience and prevents echo chambers from forming. Neuner points out two individuals, Adam Cochran and Cory Klippsten, with whom he often disagrees but chooses to follow to gain insights into Bitcoin maximalist thinking. However, he also appreciates accounts that offer useful and insightful market commentary, such as Dylan LeClair and Will Clemente, for on-chain analysis.

Neuner suggests that the era of raging bull markets has come to an end due to regulatory uncertainty. He argues that the lack of clarity and strict regulations have deterred significant investment, resulting in a more subdued and sustained market. Neuner hints at potential game-changers within the crypto space, including Solana, Aptos, Sui, and Ethereum. While he does not explicitly endorse any of them, he expresses confidence in Sui, indicating that the technical expertise of the team working on it sets it apart. Neuner emphasizes that the next significant cryptocurrency breakthrough will require mass adoption through a killer application that remains undiscovered.

Ran Neuner’s critical analysis sheds light on the unsettling aspects of XRP and Ripple’s structure, raising concerns about morality and ethics. His outspoken nature and ability to engage with the crypto community have garnered a considerable following on Twitter. Neuner’s commitment to education and involvement in the crypto space extends even to his family. He encourages discourse by surrounding himself with dissenting opinions and welcomes valuable insights from diverse sources. Neuner also acknowledges the value of responsible investigative services, such as ZachXBT, while advocating for integrity within the industry. Ultimately, Neuner’s critical viewpoint and deep understanding of the crypto landscape provide valuable insights for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies.


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