Since its inception in 2009, the cryptocurrency industry has undergone tremendous growth and development. With over 22,932 active cryptocurrencies in the market today, it is evident that the sector has expanded exponentially. While most users focus on the top cryptocurrencies, trading and investing enthusiasts often have to deal with more obscure currencies. This poses a challenge as it requires extensive research to stay updated on the movements of these tokens. However, with the upcoming release of Tangem Wallet 2.0, a smartcard-based hardware wallet and mobile application for digital assets, access to cryptocurrency will become easier and more streamlined.

One of the key characteristics that sets the cryptocurrency market apart from traditional financial mediums is its 24/7 nature. Unlike the stock market or the FX market, which have designated trading hours, the crypto market never sleeps. With constant fluctuations and fast-moving trades, traders must continuously monitor pricing charts to make informed decisions. Without real-time data, it becomes challenging to navigate the dynamic crypto market effectively.

With the release of Tangem Wallet 2.0, users will gain access to a token organizer page that allows them to track specific currencies. By selecting a currency, it is added to their list of tracked cryptos, displaying live 24-hour token price changes. This feature gives users a quick overview of their owned cryptocurrencies, their current value, and the total percentage change over 24 hours.

Moreover, Tangem supports 37 different networks, including major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polkadot, and Cardano. This wide range of supported networks ensures that users have access to a comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the app allows users to filter their list based on specific criteria such as the network, crypto value, total owned value, and more.

Tangem is committed to enhancing the user experience and actively engages with its community to gather feedback and requests. Through platforms like Discord, the company collects valuable insights from users and continually adds new cryptocurrencies to their active Users’ Wishlist. This community-driven approach ensures that the app evolves with the needs of its users, providing a diverse and inclusive crypto ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency market is known for its dynamic nature, with daily fluctuations creating volatility that can be both entertaining and profitable for traders. The ability to select and track favorite coins is a powerful feature for traders, enabling them to stay updated on the exact value, pricing swings, and daily movements of their chosen cryptocurrencies. By integrating this feature into the Tangem Wallet app, users have an all-in-one information portal for cryptocurrency prices, empowering them to make informed decisions and navigate the market effectively.

The upcoming release of Tangem Wallet 2.0 represents a significant milestone in the utility of this platform for traders, investors, and crypto enthusiasts. With its innovative features, real-time price monitoring, and community engagement, Tangem is set to revolutionize the user experience. By providing a seamless and comprehensive interface, the wallet enables users to access crypto information anytime, anywhere. Tangem Wallet 2.0 is a game-changer for crypto traders, empowering them to navigate the dynamic crypto market with ease and confidence.


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