Meme coins have been making headlines in the crypto space, and April and May 2023 appear to be the months for these parody coins. Despite macro-economic events impacting the ecosystem, meme coins have seen exponential growth and have become one of the highest profit grosses. The Saudi-themed project of the popular Pepe-the-frog project, Saudi Pepe, is one of the meme coins turning heads in the crypto space.

Saudi Pepe

Saudi Pepe, the Arabian version of the Pepe project, has become an overnight success with a growing number of investors buying into it. This community-driven meme project has taken the crypto space and the internet by storm, just like its older counterpart. It has become a remarkable wave in a tightly-contested crypto niche that has heavyweights like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. The Middle East meme project is up over 1,400% in the last day following its registration on the CoinMarketCap website. At press time, Saudi Pepe with the ticker symbol SAUDIPEPE is trading at $0.0014, up 1,487.53% so far. Its 24-hour trading volume has been eye-popping, with $30 million of the meme tokens already traded. Its market cap has also followed suit, recording over $11.6 million so far, with the CoinMarketCap website estimating its fully diluted market cap at $13.3 million plus net.

Saudi Pepe is an exemption to the rule of lacking any real-world utility that many meme coins are guilty of. The project is looking to offer utility as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, artificial intelligence (AI) services, and liquid staking. These utilities are further coupled with a 0% buy and sell tax, and a recent 20% burn of its total supply cap of 10 billion tokens have led to the project becoming the darling of crypto investors. In fact, the meme coin has already made a centralized exchange listing on Friday, May 12, 2023, pointing to the immense appeal it holds for crypto enthusiasts. Could it be the next DOGE and SB? Time will tell, but value-driven investors are also adding these two prominent meme coins to their portfolio, even as the broader market recovers.


$SPONGE token is a meme project that allows users to have fun. It is entirely community-driven, and the developers did not create any roadmap on its continued growth. Alongside this, it offers zero taxes for buy and sell orders and launches without any presale raises. At its heights, its $SPONGE token surged over 1,800% in a single trading day, pointing to the project’s eventual fame. This led it to make centralized exchange listings on Toobit, CoinW, and LBank. This project is one to watch out for, given the fact that it is attached to a popular children’s animation series, which has grossed over 50 million monthly viewers, as well as $50 billion in merchandise sales.


AIDoge is the first-of-its-kind AI meme generator that uses the power mechanics of AI to create contextually-relevant memes in real-time. It does this by feeding the AI tool with millions of datasets related to memes and other social media communication mechanisms. Users can easily type in a text prompt and get the meme that best captures their imagination. In return for creating the best memes using the AI meme generator, artists are rewarded with the $AI token that powers the protocol. Other users get to vote on memes created by artists on the public wall feed in the blockchain project. This makes it a community-focused effort instead of a centrally-controlled effort. AIDoge has also enjoyed immense effort in its presale funding round, clocking over $7 million in presale raise, pointing to the immense appeal it has with investors.


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