The crypto market has recently witnessed an unprecedented event as the price of BALD coin skyrocketed, making it the first meme coin on the Coinbase Layer 2 Blockchain to go viral. At its peak, BALD coin experienced a staggering increase of more than 3 million percent and reached a momentary surge of 4 million percent, equivalent to a mind-boggling 40,000 times its initial value. While BALD coin continues to captivate the attention of investors, a new meme coin called HAIRY coin has also emerged, showcasing significant potential.

The Partnership Unveiled

Coinbase’s proprietary blockchain, Base, serves as the foundation for both BALD and HAIRY coins. However, Base is not yet fully interoperable with the wider crypto ecosystem, preventing BALD coin holders from realizing their profits. Nevertheless, whispers in the crypto community suggest that HAIRY coin may have been created by the same team behind BALD as a clever strategy to generate realizable value for early adopters. This strategic maneuver appears to be successful, with HAIRY coin already demonstrating promising returns.

HAIRY coin, at the time of writing, boasts a price of $0.00045. While it may have a significantly lower value compared to BALD coin, its potential has started to emerge. The alpha group, fortunate enough to acquire HAIRY coin in the early stages, has already witnessed gains of 37 times their initial investment. With a market cap of $328k and trading as high as $0.0006471, HAIRY coin presents a promising opportunity for investors looking for the next big price explosion.

Although little is known about the creators of BALD coin, blockchain enthusiasts have noticed a potential association between the creators and Coinbase. This speculation stems from the fact that the deployer of the BALD token contract is linked to an address holding half of the current supply of cbETH, the Base version of a staked asset. While BALD coin’s contract verification and HAIRY coin’s contract verification have not been detected on DEXTools, this may simply be due to the newness of these coins.

Current Status and Future Prospects

Despite the lack of contract verification, both BALD and HAIRY coins have achieved notable milestones. BALD coin has amassed a trading volume of $91 million within the past 24 hours, while HAIRY coin has demonstrated resilience with a liquidity lock confirmed on etherscan. However, HAIRY’s liquidity stands at a modest $71k compared to BALD coin’s substantial $36 million. With BALD coin’s current price sitting at $0.0676 and being exclusively available for purchase on the LeetSwap decentralized exchange, HAIRY coin holds the advantage of operating on the fully established Ethereum blockchain.

Awaiting Promising Developments

The developers of HAIRY coin seem to be adopting a methodical approach, as indicated by their low DEXTscore of 1/99 and the absence of web links and token description. Despite these shortcomings, investors continue to drive up the price of HAIRY coin, possibly due to strategic collaborations with alpha groups and influencers behind the scenes. If you’re seeking a highly speculative opportunity in the crypto market, HAIRY coin is worth considering. Should BALD coin maintain its current momentum and HAIRY coin prove to be a reliable companion, adding HAIRY coin to your portfolio may yield promising results in the foreseeable future.


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