Jason Lowrey, the renowned author of “Softwar: A Novel Theory on Power Projection and the National Strategic Significance of Bitcoin,” has stirred up speculation by withdrawing his book from public access. This unexpected move has left both readers and academics wondering about the reasons behind it. Even the prestigious MIT, where Lowrey presented his thesis in February 2023, has removed the book from its library inventory. The lack of disclosure surrounding this decision has added to the perplexity surrounding its disappearance.

“Softwar” introduces a thought-provoking perspective on Bitcoin’s role in national security. Departing from its commonly perceived financial technology status, Lowrey proposes that Bitcoin could serve as a powerful electro-cyber security instrument. By analyzing its proof-of-work technology, the book explores how Bitcoin could potentially transform the digital landscape and become a tool for power projection in the realm of cybersecurity.

Critics applauded Lowrey’s innovative analysis, highlighting his recognition of the evolving nature of modern warfare. Instead of focusing on physical combat, Lowrey suggests that the future of warfare lies in non-physical, non-kinetic forms. In this context, he argues that Bitcoin’s proof-of-work consensus mechanism could offer a robust means of power projection in the cyber domain, bolstering cybersecurity. By imposing physical costs on attackers, Bitcoin can serve as both a financial technology and a potent security asset, safeguarding sensitive data and deterring cyber threats.

Transformative Potential

Supervised by Joan Rubin, the Executive Director of MIT’s System Design & Management Program, Lowrey’s thesis presents a groundbreaking idea called “softwar.” This concept emphasizes Bitcoin’s potential as a novel electro-cyber power projection tool, with transformative implications for national strategic security in the 21st century. The disappearance of “Softwar” has left a void in the ongoing discussion surrounding this revolutionary concept.

A Cloud of Unanswered Queries

The sudden removal of “Softwar” from the public sphere has spawned numerous unanswered questions. Lowrey’s cryptic tweet, in which he mentions being directed to take down the book and refrain from discussing the subject publicly, only deepens the mystery. As his innovative ideas gained momentum in the intellectual community, the unexplained disappearance of his work has left a palpable gap in the ongoing discourse surrounding Bitcoin and cybersecurity.

The withdrawal of Jason Lowrey’s book has left the readers and academics intrigued. With Bitcoin’s growing prominence and its potential as a security asset, the mysterious removal of “Softwar” has disrupted the intellectual conversation, begging the question: what unknown factors led to its sudden disappearance?


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