Simon Davis, also known as “Papa Bear,” has had an unconventional path in the gaming industry. Initially a professional guitarist, Davis found himself exploring the world of game testing when his finances took a hit. This experience sparked his interest in the gaming industry, leading him to hold various management positions at gaming companies before co-founding Mighty Bear Games in 2017. The company initially focused on traditional games but later shifted its focus to blockchain.

Davis believes that Web3 and cryptocurrencies have the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. He compares the transition to free-to-play games to the emergence of Farmville on Facebook, emphasizing that the rise of Web3 gaming feels equally groundbreaking. He predicts that player-owned and operated economies will become a dominant business model for live service titles. Davis argues that virtual worlds cannot thrive without digital property rights, highlighting the need for new possibilities afforded by Web3 technology.

The Dominance of Mobile Gaming in Web3

Davis points out that mobile gaming is likely to be the dominant platform in the Web3 era due to its widespread accessibility. Countries with underdeveloped payment rails, such as Indonesia and Brazil, have a high interest in crypto and Web3, and mobile gaming is prevalent in these regions. Davis expresses skepticism towards the idea of creating high-end Web3 games targeted at markets that lack the necessary infrastructure. He believes that developers should focus on going where the users are to drive adoption.

For Web3 to reach mass adoption, Davis emphasizes the importance of making it as user-friendly as Web2 experiences. He emphasizes that the average user doesn’t want the complexity of managing private keys and wallets. To attract mainstream users, Davis calls for advancements in user experience and improvements in social recovery mechanisms. He draws parallels to the simpler setup process of home internet connections from the 90s, highlighting the need for Web3 to become similarly hassle-free.

Despite the negative reputation associated with crypto and Web3, Davis believes that firsthand experiences can change perceptions. He highlights the potential for games that allow players to earn small amounts of Bitcoin and cites Reddit’s successful integration of NFTs, which introduced many users to this technology without them even realizing it. Davis sees this stealthy onboarding as a positive outcome, emphasizing the importance of user engagement and retention rather than focusing solely on initial installs and sign-ups.

Davis shares his excitement about ERC-6551 tokens, which enable assets within a smart contract to communicate directly with each other without relying on external wallets like MetaMask. This technology opens up possibilities for game developers to create dynamic characters with evolving assets and customizable logic. Davis highlights the enhanced security provided by these tokens, as they are more than just assets within a wallet and have their own private keys.

As the gaming industry continues to embrace Web3 and cryptocurrencies, Simon Davis and his team at Mighty Bear Games are at the forefront, exploring new frontiers and unlocking the potential of this transformative technology. With a focus on accessibility, user-friendliness, and innovation, they are paving the way for a future where virtual worlds and digital economies thrive.


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