The cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx recently experienced a security breach, raising concerns about the safety of users’ funds. On September 12, the company detected unusual withdrawals from its hot wallets, which store exchange funds. The incident involved unauthorized transactions of Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX), and Polygon (MATIC), with a potential impact on an XRP address. While CoinEx has assured users that their assets are secure and untouched, the breach serves as a reminder of the vulnerabilities present in the crypto space.

The Breach and its Impact

CoinEx has not yet determined the exact value of the losses incurred, but it described the affected amount as a “very small portion” of its assets. To address the situation, the exchange temporarily suspended deposit and withdrawal services, promising a thorough review before resuming operations. It is worth noting that CoinEx has committed to providing 100% compensation to the affected parties, ensuring that users do not suffer any financial losses.

The security breach was initially discovered by Cyvers Alerts, an independent security firm. Deddy Lavid, the CEO of Cyvers Alerts, has made efforts to raise awareness among CoinEx executives regarding the incident. However, the exchange’s response to the notifications remains unclear. It is essential for exchanges to maintain open lines of communication with external security firms and promptly address any potential threats or vulnerabilities.

Potential Causes and Consequences

Cyvers Alerts estimates that the attack may have resulted in a loss of approximately $27 million worth of cryptocurrency. This amount includes $18.12 million of ETH, $8.5 million of TRX, and $291,000 of MATIC. The firm speculates that the breach could have been caused by leaked address private keys, access control violations, or even deliberate wrongdoing such as a “rug pull” or an inside job.

The significance of this incident lies in its impact on CoinEx, a moderately sized exchange. With a trading volume of $29.7 million over a 24-hour period ending on September 12, CoinEx’s security breach raises concerns about the security measures implemented by exchanges of similar size and scale. It emphasizes the need for robust security protocols and constant vigilance within the cryptocurrency community.

As CoinEx was previously noted for its decision to exit the U.S. market in February, citing changing regulations and regulatory scrutiny, the recent security breach highlights the broader challenges faced by exchanges globally. Compliance with evolving regulations and meeting stringent security standards are of paramount importance. The incident serves as a wake-up call for all exchanges to reevaluate their security practices and implement necessary improvements to safeguard user funds.

The CoinEx security breach is a stark reminder of the constant threat faced by cryptocurrency exchanges. The incident emphasizes the need for heightened security measures, proactive communication with security firms, and effective regulatory compliance. Exchanges must prioritize the protection of user assets to foster trust and confidence in the crypto space. While CoinEx’s prompt response and commitment to compensating affected parties are commendable, it is crucial for the entire industry to learn from this incident and work towards a more secure future for the evolving world of digital assets.


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