In the world of cryptocurrencies, the rise of memecoins has captured the attention of many investors. However, with the growing popularity of these coins comes a darker side. Crypto Twitter has become a breeding ground for hostility and aggression, with death threats being sent to those who dare to voice their opinions. One individual who has experienced this firsthand is Heaver, a prominent crypto lawyer based in Dubai and Switzerland. With a strong online following, Heaver has found herself on the receiving end of vicious attacks from supporters of memecoin founders. She believes that these community leaders are partly to blame for encouraging their followers to engage in such behavior. This article delves into Heaver’s experiences and sheds light on the dangerous consequences of memecoins.

Heaver is unapologetically a Bitcoin maxi, and she doesn’t shy away from spreading her message at crypto conferences worldwide. However, her strong advocacy for Bitcoin has made her a target for those involved in the world of altcoins. While some may dismiss her as just another lawyer, Heaver has managed to attract a significant online following, with over 41,200 followers. She attributes her success to her willingness to speak out against dodgy altcoins and expose their founders when they face legal action. Unfortunately, this has made her a prime target for online threats and intimidation from those who feel personally attacked by her words.

Heaver’s work extends beyond Twitter and into the realm of law enforcement. She actively collaborates with authorities to identify and take down scammy memecoin projects. Her knowledge and experience as a lawyer in the oil and gas industry have equipped her with the skills necessary to navigate the complex legal landscape of the crypto industry. She is not afraid to use her expertise to protect investors and uphold the integrity of the market. However, her dedication to her work has come at a high personal cost. She reveals that the threats she has received include death threats against her children, suggesting that these online attacks have consequences that extend far beyond the virtual world.

Before immersing herself in the world of cryptocurrencies, Heaver worked as a lawyer in the oil and gas industry for 13 years. However, the corporate environment and its “corporate bullshit” eventually became too much for her to bear. She made the bold decision to dive headfirst into the crypto industry, much to the disbelief of her colleagues. Many viewed the crypto industry as a playground for money launderers and drug dealers. Heaver’s transformation from a corporate lawyer to a prominent figure in the crypto space is a testament to her courage and willingness to go against the status quo.

Heaver’s Twitter account may be older than many of her followers realize, but it wasn’t until about a year ago that she decided to start posting regularly. She made a conscious effort to post at least once a day, not expecting to gain a significant following. However, her care-free attitude and ability to infuse her content with humor and authenticity have resonated with crypto enthusiasts. Heaver acknowledges that her more “meaningful” and “intelligent” posts receive considerably less engagement than her funnier, more light-hearted ones. This insight speaks to the preferences of the crypto community, suggesting that they embrace content that entertains and humanizes, rather than solely focusing on technical analysis.

Heaver’s Twitter feed offers a unique blend of crypto-related content and political commentary. She finds political decisions to be of greater importance than the day-to-day price movements of cryptocurrencies. Rather than getting caught up in the hype of specific coins, Heaver believes it is crucial to understand the political landscape that shapes the industry as a whole. She follows political commentators and believes that broad political direction holds the key to long-term success in the crypto space. This perspective sets her apart from those who are solely focused on chasing profits and reinforces her commitment to understanding the bigger picture.

With ongoing lawsuits against major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, Heaver offers fascinating insights into the potential outcomes. Drawing from her “inside knowledge” of how the SEC operates, she predicts that both exchanges will likely settle without admitting any wrongdoing. Based on her experience in the oil and gas industry, Heaver references a case where a Swiss company faced scrutiny from U.S. regulators. After years of investigation, the company settled for $250 million without accepting fault. Heaver suggests that such settlements serve as a source of revenue for regulatory bodies and implies that they may be more interested in financial gain than achieving justice.

Heaver has become a respected figure in the crypto space, fearlessly advocating for Bitcoin and exposing the dangers of memecoins. Her online journey has been fraught with hostility and threats, but she remains unwavering in her commitment to the industry. Through her work with law enforcement and her willingness to challenge the status quo, Heaver continues to make a positive impact on the crypto community. Despite the risks and challenges she faces, she remains true to herself, injecting humor and authenticity into her online presence. Heaver’s story serves as a reminder that the crypto industry is not just about financial gains but also about standing up for what you believe in and striving for a more transparent and secure future.


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