ConsenSys, a leading Ethereum software company, recently announced the sunset of its popular toolkits, Truffle and Ganache. These toolkits have played a crucial role in the development and testing of smart contracts on the Ethereum network. This decision comes as ConsenSys shifts its focus towards empowering developers with MetaMask toolkits like Snaps and SDK.

Truffle Suite, acquired by ConsenSys in 2020, has been a pivotal development framework for Ethereum since its deployment in 2015. It provides essential functionalities for building, testing, and deploying smart contracts. Ganache, on the other hand, aids in the creation, evaluation, and deployment of smart contracts. Both these toolkits have been highly sought-after in the Ethereum development community.

To ensure a seamless transition, ConsenSys will be partnering with HardHat, another development framework, to support developers in writing and deploying new software on the Ethereum network. This collaboration will benefit developers who have been relying on Truffle and Ganache, helping them adapt to the new tools and solutions offered by ConsenSys.

Although Truffle and Ganache will no longer receive active development, ConsenSys has assured developers that these toolkits will remain accessible for the next three months. This period will allow developers to migrate their projects to HardHat or any other preferred solution. ConsenSys will also provide support through various channels, including Zendesk, Truffle GitHub discussions, Ganache GitHub discussions, and the ConsenSys Discord.

After the three-month transition period, the Truffle and Ganache codebases will be made publicly available through public archives. This move ensures that the Ethereum development community will have continued access to these valuable resources.

Georgios Konstantopoulos, the Chief Technology Officer and Partner of Paradigm, acknowledged the significance of this transition, stating that it marks the “end of an era.” As someone who wrote their very first smart contract using Truffle Suite, he reflects on the impact that these toolkits have had on the Ethereum ecosystem.

ConsenSys is now directing its focus towards MetaMask Snaps and SDK to accelerate the development of its products. MetaMask Snaps, ConsenSys’ name for decentralized applications (DApps) built by third-party developers, extend the functionality of the MetaMask wallet. These Snaps introduce new features and capabilities to enhance the user experience.

Simon Morris, head of strategy at ConsenSys, compared MetaMask Snaps to Apple’s App Store, noting their potential to revolutionize the way users interact with the MetaMask wallet. As ConsenSys invests in new tools and APIs, the Truffle engineering team will join these efforts to expedite the development of their developer offerings.

MetaMask Snaps, currently in the development phase, aim to provide new web3 end user experiences. They enable functionalities such as managing multiple wallets, connecting to various blockchains, and engaging with decentralized exchanges. ConsenSys recognizes the importance of these tools and APIs to empower developers in crafting robust DApps using MetaMask, Infura, and Linea.

In addition to their focus on MetaMask Snaps, ConsenSys has recently unveiled its ConsenSys Fellowship Program. This program is designed to support startups and founders in the Web3 space, providing them with essential assistance. The 12-week immersive experience involves hands-on activities, interactive workshops, and case studies to equip participants with the necessary skills to leverage the potential of Web3 technologies.

ConsenSys continues to make significant investments in innovative tools and APIs to strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem and the development community. By transitioning from Truffle and Ganache to MetaMask Snaps and SDK, Consensys aims to empower developers and facilitate the creation of powerful DApps with enhanced functionalities. The sunsetting of Truffle and Ganache may mark the end of an era, but it also signals the beginning of a new chapter for Ethereum development.


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